For The Love of Perspectives,
And A Quest of A Thousand Sites…

I, James Garang, am an international, multi-talented and multifaceted photographer based in Kenya, studying, working and living my dream journeying and capturing every beautiful moment, object, feeling and expression…


The Company

With a solid team of young, enthusiastic and creative member, we bring together 15 years of combined experience in multimedia expertise, and a unique accent for photography.

The Company has developed a wide range of solutions for every industry and personal need when it comes to capturing moments and optimal optical visual based representation.

Our Objectives
-To build an international standard photo bank
-To touch souls at the point where vision and imagination meet
-To enhance industry and corporate interpretation through visual aid


Why Garang Photography

Every special moment, detail, object, season, ceremony, person, imagination & possible thought can now be relived, reviewed, re-experienced and observed in detail, in style and in optimal vision, articulated creatively through the viewfinder of professional visual artisans.

Vision: To be the hallmark of excellent image capture and representation world over.
Mission: To capture and make available every moment in optimal style and value
Values: Precision | Quality | Creative | Efficient